What are IPUS Migulators®

Migulators® are mineral bio-regulators that specialise in controlling biological processes in the environment. Migulators® are derived from the natural volcanic mineral Clinoptilolite - Zeolite. What sets it apart from other minerals are its rare characteristics: It has a porous crystalline structure and a high absorption & ion exchange capacity.

Due to the unique crystalline structure, the mineral has an extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release and exchange
different chemicals, nutrients and toxins(e.g. ammonia) as required by biological systems.

Migulators® take up hazardous substances such as ammonia, free radicals, heavy metals and mycotoxins.
The high absorption capacity of ammonia allows IPUS products to be used in the entire agricultural life cycle. The high internal and external surface offers Migulators® an enormous growth area for microorganism. The huge surface area in cooperation with the emitted trace elements acts as a motor and promotes the work of the bacteria for the metabolic process. Migulators® strenghten by giving up essential substances such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

The Migulator® technology provided by IPUS is based on the outstanding material properties of our deposit. The mineral mined is Quartz-free and has the lowest contamination levels of any known Zeolite deposit in Europe.

enormous growth area for microorganismZeolite-Clinoptilolitelaboratory