IPUSagro L 900 for manure treatment
IPUSagro L 900 for manure treatment

IPUSagro L 900 for liquid manure treatment

Fields of application for Migulators®

IPUSagro Liquid Manure Migulators® are used for effective microbial liquid manure processing and refinement and provide an increase in nutrients absorbed by plants and absorb unpleasant odours. The combination of Migulators® and specially bred microorganism enables the rapid dissolution of scum layers and blockages in watering channels and makes for a plant-friendly, lower odour liquid manure.

Migulators® are

convinient, because they keep watering channels open, reduce the formation of scum and thus pumping capabilites are improved.

economical, becaus in applying the liquid manure, Migulators® provide for the slow and plant-friendly release of nutrients and thus increase the degree of efectiveness.

safe, because the odour absorbent effect of Migulators® has been proven and the leaching of nitrogen from the soil is reduced significantly.

Effects & benefits

Dissolution of straw layer, scum and sediment

Improved slurry flowability

Reduced ammonia emissions during slurry application

Reduction of odour emissions

Less nitrogen leaching

Reduction of nitrate in ground water

Improved fertilising power

Slurry application independent of weather, without „burning" the turf

Application in the manure collector

The suspension has to be applied on different areas below the scum layer.
First break through the scum layer with a stick, then use a pipe and apply the suspension through this pipe. Also use the rinsing water. The material becomes effective after about 6 - 8 weeks. In the early stage the treated areas must not be diluted with water and may hardly be moved. If 100 m3 of new slurry havebeen collected, apply it again.

The application of IPUSagro Liquid Manure Migulators® can be preventive or for existing scum layers and blockages.

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