IPUSagro B for soil improvement
IPUSagro B for soil improvement

IPUSagro B - For soil improvement and effective use of nutrients


IPUSagro B® consists of the natural mineral Clinoptilolite-Zeolite. Its huge internal surface area (400 - 600 m2/gram) allows it to store a large amount of water, heat and nutrients (e.g. nitrogen. IPUSagro B® remains as a solid in the upper soil horizon. There it can supply the necessary nutrients and water to plants at all times and in sufficient quantities (slow release effect), thereby increasing plant growth and raising crop yields. Any loss and leaching of nutrients into the groundwater is largely eliminated. Excessive application of fertiliser to the soil is avoided through nitrogen storage, with proven saving on fertilizer. IPUSagro B for soil improvement is approved for Organic Farming.

IPUSagro Soil Migulators® are

economical, because Migulators® conserve dung by actively improving soil and by reducing nutrient leaching and thus strengthen the nutrient cycle.

effective, because the one-time application of Migulators® in the soil increases soil health and enables higher yields.

safe, because the effect has been verified scientifically and is field proven.

Effects & benefits

Higher crop yields because of better plant growth

Saving of fertilisers

More nutrients available to the plants

Avoiding overdosage of fertilisers

Revitalising the ground

No residue in agricultural products



Further information

Migu Boden 4Migulators® manage the soil´s mineral metabolism and thereby provide microorganism in the soil with nutrients and trace elements through slow release. There is a longer and plant-accessible storage of nitrogen too.

Migu Boden 3Migulators® regulate soil humidity through retention and release.