IPUSagro Quattro P 400 foliar fertilizer
IPUSagro Quattro P 400 foliar fertilizer

IPUSagro Quattro P 400 - foliar fertilizer

A mineral calcium, magnesium and silicium foliar fertilizer for quick and healthy plant growth.


IPUSagro Quattro P 400® is a mineral plant fertilizer which consists of 100% natural minerals. It has the ability to strengthen plants in the soil, air and water system. Applied preventively and directly on the plant leaves it compensates for nutrient deficiencies and ensures a better plant production yield.

IPUSagro filiar fertilizer Migulators® are

natural, because IPUSagro Quattro P 400 is a mineral foliar fertilizer made of 100% natural minerals from our own highest quality deposits.

growth-promoting, because the fertilizer is directly applied to the plant´s leaves, it is able to enter the plant´s interior via the leave´s pores where it exerts its bioregulating and growth promoting properties in a highly efficient manner.

effective, beause IPUSagro filiar fertilizer Migulators® have been activated by a worldwide unique technology which highly increases the ionic exchange capacity and substantially improves the nutrients storage capacity of the leaves and the soil.

The application quantity of IPUSagro Quattro P 400® depends on the culture being between 6 - 9 kg per hectare (concentration of 0.2 - 0.7%), split into 2 - 3 applications. Mix the fertiliser with water and apply it in form of a fine spray mist using a conventional spray tool with an agitator. The tank content of the spray device should be approx. 300 - 1000 litres.

Effects & benefits

Increased yield because of stronger plants

Higher resistance to heat and dryness

Increased storage stability and therefore better transportable

Higher resistance to herbivores and fungi

Improved stability

Saving of conventional fertilisers,pesticides and herbicides



Further information

IPUSagro Quattro P 400® should not be applied during or within 4 hours after or before rain. It is recommended to apply it in the morning or in the evening. Do not apply under direct sunlight.

Safety information

Do not apply during the flowering season

IPUSagro Quattro P 400® can be mixed and produced with conventional neutral and basic fertilisers/ plant growth stimulants.

Do not inhale spray mist

Store product in a dry place

Not hazardous to bees or water

Permissible for use in organic farming according to EU-directive 834/2007 Annex 1