Migulators® for poultry
Migulators® for poultry

IPUS products for poultry

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The feed additive IPUSagro F based on Clinoptilolite - Zeolite is added to the daily food of the poultry. Due to the special migulator technology our products are prepared for the different applications.

IPUSagro F is able to selectively bind toxins like ammonia that are either generated through digestion or taken in with feed. Other important nutrients (sugars, vitamins, amino acids etc.) remain available for the animals. IPUSagro F is excreted undigested - no residues remain in animal products.

Benefits for the poultry

For the animal health

Detoxification of the organism through binding harmful substances

Higher vitality by reducing stress

Reduced rate of mortality

For higher efficiency

Better nutrition uptake due to improved growth of microorganism

Significant increase of the ratio medium to large sized eggs

For odour reduction in the stable

By binding ammonia in the dung

By binding organic odour substances

By increasing the stable hygiene through drier dung

For improved liquid manure treatment

By binding ammonia


Geflügel-3IPUSagro B 120 is applied as pen litter in poultry farms for improving the stable climate and granting more comfortable conditions for the animals.

In the pen ammonia and organic sulphides constitute the major proportion of toxic and odorous gases. 

IPUSagro B 120 inhibits the release of these gases to the atmosphere. This results in more comfortable conditions for the animals.


Active binding of odour substances in and around the stable

Less stress for the animals

Improved stable climate

Less odour emissions

Less ammonia emissions to the environment

Moisture regulation in the stable through

Binding poultry dung

Improvement of liquid manure quality through

Nitrogen absorption

Odour absorption

Manure liquefaction



IPUSagro V 100 is applied as litter against the poultry red mite. The poultry red mite is a blood sucking, tiny nocturnal spider-like pest which feeds on the blood of hens and other poultry. During the daytime they hide in the cracks and crevices of the poultry house. They weaken the animals. 



By applying IPUSagro V 100 minute lesions occur at the wax layer of the red mite due to the sharp-edged surface of the Clinoptilolite - Zeolite, and body fluids may easily exit. The red mite dies due to dehydration within a short period of time.

100% natural: no overdose possible

100% bio-degradable

Disinfectant effect

IPUSagro V 100 is applied in a dry condition on all cracks and crevices and on the pen floor. Alternatively, 10 kg IPUSagro V 100 may be dissolved with approx. 25 to 30 litres of water and be applied moistly. 

pdfInfluences of feeding IPUSagro F on emissions from poultry farming.pdf

The study confirmed that the feed additive IPUSagro F as well as the litter additive IPUSagro H 800 and B 120 can be used for the reduction of ammonia and odor emissions as well as the resulting immissions, while simultaneously increasing animal performance.