Migulators® for pigs
Migulators® for pigs

IPUS products for pigs

IPUSagro F SchweineThe feed additive IPUSagro F based on Clinoptilolite is simply added to the daily feed. Due to the special Migulator® Technology our products are prepared for each different application.

IPUSagro F perfectly complements the daily nutrition – in particular protein and carbohydrate nutrition -, because it stabilizes the digestion and improves the nutrient uptake. Migulators have a protective physiological effect on the gastro-intestinal apparatus and activate microorganisms.

Better nutrition uptake: because of an improved growth of necessary microorganisms

Increased vitality of the pigs: due to the binding of harmful substances

Odour reduction in the stable and of the liquid manure: due to the binding of ammonia

Better quality of the liquid manure

Benefits for piglets

Better nutrition uptake

Improved daily weight gain

Less piglets´ diarrhea

Beneftis for pig fattening

Reduced fattening period

Significant decrease in cannibalism

Calmer animals



IPUSagro F für SchweineApplying IPUSagro H 800 to pen litter and drainage channels (slatted floor) inhibits the release of these gases to the atmosphere. This results in more comfortable conditions for the animals, reduced odour for people, and the damage to the environment through greenhouse gases is reduced. The water storage capacity of IPUSagro H 800 combats fungi and maggots. It draws so much moisture from larvae and fungi that they die.

In the pigpen environment, due to the rich nutrient content, manure constitutes an ideal breeding place for germs. The application of IPUSagro H 800 reduces the spreading of pathogens and improves sanitation.

Field of application

IPUSagro H 800 litter is ideal for application in fattening of pigs and in raising piglets. It is also particularly suitable for spreading on sleeping areas and for drying piglets after birth.

Effects and benefits

Higher ammonia absorption

Improved stable climate

Reduction of vermins

Less stress for animals

Less odour emissions

Improved liquid manure