Migulators® for cattle
Migulators® for cattle

IPUS products for cattle

Agro-F Kuh-auf-der-Weide-kleinThe feed additive IPUSagro F based on clinoptilolite is simply added to the daily food. It can be applied with cattle but also with dairy herds. Due to the special migulator technology our products are prepared for each different application.

IPUSagro F perfectly complements the daily nutrition – in particular protein and carbohydrate nutrition -, because it stabilizes the digestion and improves the nutrient uptake. Migulators have a protective physiological effect on the gastro-intestinal apparatus and activate microorganisms.

Effects and benefits

Detoxification of the organism through the binding of harmful substances

Better nutrient uptake due to improved growth of microorganisms

Higher vitality of the cattle and dairy herds

Improved calcium and magnesium nourishment

Benefits for calves

Stronger calves: more resistant to illnesses

Improvement in daily weight gain

Calves are more vital

Easier conversion from milk to roughage in the first phase of life

Very effective against calf diarrhea

Beneftis for diary herds

Longer period in milk production

Better feedstuff utilisation

Improved performance

Benefits for cattle breeding

Improved daily weight gain

Shortened fattening period

Kuehe-im-KuhstallIPUSagro Hygiene migulators ensure the efficacy of livestock hygiene and absorb unpleasant odours. In the pens ammonia and hydrogen sulphide constitute the major proportion of toxic and odorous gases. These gases are actually dangerous greenhouse gases and have a negative impact on the health of both people and animals.

Applying IPUSagro H 800 to pen litter and drainage channels (slatted floor) inhibits the release of these gases to the atmosphere.

This results in more comfortable conditions for the animals, reduced odour for people, and the damage to the environment through greenhouse gases is reduced.

The water storage capacity of IPUSagro H 800 combats fungus and maggots. It draws so much moisture from larvae and fungus that they die.
In the pen environment, due to the rich nutrient content, manure constitutes an ideal breeding place for germs. The application of IPUSagro H 800 reduces the formation of germs.

Field of application

IPUSagro H 800 litter has very positive effects on the cattle hygiene and improves the stable climate.
Migulators have the ability to bind ammonium and ammonia nitrogen. Therefore the stress of the cattle imposed by a bad stable climate is significantly reduced.

Effects and benefits

Binding of odorous substances in and around the stable

Less stress for the animals

Reduction of harmful odour in and around the stable

Reduction of up to 40% of ammonium output into the environment

Reduction of nitrogen

Reduction of harmful microorganisms by dehydration

Better quality of liquid manure

Euterfoto iStock 000000728590Care product for the udder to be spread on inflamed udders and in case of hypercytosis.

It is free from chemical and pharmaceutical substances.

In the case of mastitis the inflamed udder releases harmful substances and is infected by germs. With the application of IPUSagro M 220 the udder is protected against infections and binds harmful substances.


Immediate effect when using against starting mastitis

Good for the udder health when used preventively

In acute cases to support veterinary treatment