IPUS products for agriculture
IPUS for field, vegetables and fruits
IPUS products for agriculture
IPUS products for biogas plants
IPUS for field, vegetables and fruits

Zeolite products for a sustainable agriculture

IPUS has developed and patented the migulator technology, which is based on the volcano mineral clinoptililote. IPUS is the only company worldwide offering this unique technology which contributes to an ecologically sustainable agriculture. We offer products in the field of agriculture and livestock. Our products are a 100% natural and we guarantee our customers only top-high quality products, as we have our own deposit of high quality clinoptilolite and the raw material is activated by special production facilities and prepared for the different applications.
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All our products are based on the special migulator technology. Migulators® are MIneral BioreGULATORS based on the raw material clinoptilolite-zeolite. They stabilize, accelerate and regulate biological and chemical processes. Thus, they improve performance and quality in several fields of application.

Regulation of biological processes in the environment

Regulation is a stepwise permanent intervention in a system by feedback

High sorptive mineral raw materials (Clinoptilolite)

Utilisation of surface effects

Physical and chemical interactions with the environment

Ecosphere for microorganisms