IPUS products for agriculture
IPUS for field, vegetables and fruits
IPUS products for agriculture
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IPUS for field, vegetables and fruits

Application and Effects of Migulators®

The results of these local and international activities with international partners and scientific institutes document the versatile use of IPUS products and confirm the effectiveness.

Local and international research results

Agricultural Research and Education Center Raumberg-Gumpenstein, poultry farming

pdfInfluences of feeding IPUSagro F on emissions from poultry farming

The study confirmed that the feed additive IPUSagro F as well as the litter additive IPUSagro H 800 and B 120 can be used for the reduction of ammonia and odor emissions as well as the resulting immissions, while simultaneously increasing animal performance.

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences,  Institute for Animal Nutrition, Animal-based foods and nutritional physiology, pig fattening

pdfUse of IPUSagro F in pig fattening to increase daily growth and to improve animal health

The experiment showed the positive effects of Migulators® on the fattening performance and the yield at slaughter as well as on the animal´s health when compared to a negative control group. 

Antonio Narro Autonomous Agrarian University, tomato plants

pdfUse of IPUSagro Quattro P 400 foliar fertiliser and B 100 soil improvement

The scientific experiment confirmed the positive impact on productivity, fruit quality and the enzyme activity of the catalase and vitamin C content in the leaves and fruits in relation to the untreated plants.

Brandenburg pig performance control and consulting, pig fattening

pdfApplication of IPUSagro H 800 litter to decrease odor and ammonia emissions

The effects of IPUSagro litter additive are scientifically proved. It has a positive impact on the ammonia concentration in the pen.

Technological Centre of agriculture Cetapar, soya

pdfIPUSagro Quattro P 400 foliar fertiliser for an increase in yield and plant height

The results of the application showed an improved performance and more healthy plants compared with the control field. 

Chamber of agriculture Styria, oil pumpkin

pdfPositive impact of IPUSagro P 500 foliar fertiliser on yield of pumpkin seeds, plant health and fruit maturation I

pdfPositive impact of IPUSagro P 500 foliar fertiliser on yield of pumpkin seeds, plant health and fruit maturation II

Field trials with products of IPUS

Cattle farm

pdf IPUSagro F to decrease mortality and diarrhea of calves

Improvement in daily weight gain and general health of the calves. 

pdfIPUSagro M 220 udder cream against mastitis

Faster resolution of inflammation and better effects of antibiotics. Diary cows can return to production more quickly.

Foliar fertiliser

pdfIPUSagro Quattro P 400 to improve yield, sorghum

Application of IPUS foliar fertiliser lead to more resistant and healthier plants, larger fruits/grains and to an increased yield.

pdfIPUSagro Quattro P 400, sugar beet

The results show significant differences in leaf colour and intensity of leaf grean. Furthermore there was an increase in yield, sugar content and dry matter content.