IPUS - company
IPUS - company


IPUS Mineral- and Environmental Technology Company was founded in Rottenmann (Styria, Austria) in 1990. The family-owned company is part of the Paltentaler group. IPUS is leading with Migulator® technology and focused on the extraction and benefication of minerals.

Specialist for natural Clinoptilolite


IPUS is manufacturer of biological products based on the mineral Clinoptilolite-Zeolite.
Due to the unique porous crystalline structure the mineral has an extraordinary ability to absorb, hold, release and exchange different chemicals, nutrients and toxins (e.g. ammonia) as required by biological systems. Clinoptilolite has a special affinity to ammonium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and trace elements. This property makes it particularly useful in soil improvement, compost and fertiliser releasing essential plant nutrients in a natural way, so-called „slow release".

The high absorption capacity of ammonia allows IPUS products to be used in the entire agricultural life cycle:

As a feed additive to support digestion and detoxification of animals

As a litter additive that improves

Material properties

General hygienic conditions in the livestock environment

Processing of valuable liquid manure

The posession of the most distinguished Zeolite resource in Europe enables us to provide state of the art Migulator® material qualities. With Migulators® based on our Clinoptilolith-Zeolite, we meet the needs of modern agriculture.


SlowakeiThe Migulator® technology provided by IPUS is based on the outstanding material properties of our deposit. The mineral mined is Quartz-free and has the lowest contamination levels of any known Zeolite deposit in Europe.

All our products are continously monitored providing the highest possible standard of product quality.



Processing / Beneficiation

We refine the raw material in our factory by screening and ultra-fine grinding. This unique beneficiation is vital for the specific product qualities IPUS provides.

Specially activated and enriched for the various applications the final product is packed for delivery (ex works).

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Research & Development

As a result of our continous commitment and intense collaboration with renowed research institutes, IPUS has become a leader in Migulator® technology. Local and international activities and field trials document the versatile use of IPUS products worldwide together with international partners. Our laboratory is well equipped with modern analytical equipment and competent staff assisting the scientific assessments of field tests. 

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Quality Assurance

IPUS is providing the highest possible product qualities. Our company is ISO certified along the ISO standards 9001 and 14001. Numerous other certificates are also held by IPUS, documenting the high quality standards applied within company.

Our products are also approved for Organic Farming.